A short film, shot and edited in one day...
Music: The Way You Look Tonight (Kern, Fields)


Sk-mezzo from Daniel Coy on Vimeo.
This is not a video postcard. :)

Shot in one day, mostly handheld. I was walking around the city, shopping for some sneakers, and recording along the way.

Painting the green

This is a short video, (actually shortened from 20 minutes or so to about 4.) of me, coloring a previosly hand drawn sketch. The sketch looked something like this...

After some not so hard,and suprisingly entertaining coloring it turned out looking like this:

Panta rei

Panta rei from Daniel Coy on Vimeo.
Shot entirely during a summer holiday. Handheld. (except the snail)

Weekend in Malovishta

First, a little disclaimer: Malovishta is a beautiful village, situated at the base of Baba Mountain, in the National Park Pelister, and I highly recommend a visit. The images below are not intended to present a tutorial, but simply to describe the steps of making the final image, an imaginary tourist offer.

Read how this image was made:

Ice bubbles

Ice bubbles from Daniel Coy on Vimeo.
It was a really hot day outside, so I had to test my new sanyo xacti indoors. The macro mode looks very nice so far...


Found this scan on an old archive dvd.
Black and white marker on blue paper. 2004.

Water drops

Color drops from Daniel Coy on Vimeo.
This is a test video. One take, the drops weren't falling down as they should, so I had to spray a bit. :). Hope you'll like it.

Cats in boots - bootylicious


This video came out as a result of an internal joke. These toys are producing very funny sounds when rubbed or pressed, so after a number of  unsuccesful tries to record them, hmmm, doing stuff, I decided to treat the problem with full atention. Despite the "explicit" content, this video is made for fun purposes only, so consider yourselves warned :).


Surfing the net, I stumbled upon a very interesting online drawing tool called scribbler. This is the drawing that came out in 5 mins. Very nice "connecting" effect. Have fun.

Ill be posting more scribbler drawings soon.


I painted this as a birthday present, half an hour prior to the birthday party.
approx 70x50cm, ink and markers

Absolut gorska

Doing some experiment while shooting a standard product shoot. The result turned out just fine, so here it is.
The bottle is a little bit dirty and smugded, but.... its an experiment. :)


This was the opening image of a story, that i begun to write, about Petko-the knight, who fought dragons and stuff. unfortunately, I never finished the story. This image is the only one i managed to dig out.
Thin marker on plain paper, circa 2000.
I was thinking if i should at least write the story down on this blog, but I am not sure if i can remember the exact scenario. You can notice that the dragon is actually female? (I am almost sure that its a pre-shreck idea:))

Dancing on the Devil's trill

I was testing my new tripod, and my new camera too... this is what came out :)


Another one, hand drawn, scanned, then vectorised and colored in AI.



Above, the hand drawn sketch. Marker on plain paper,
Below, colored drawing in PS. Circa 2002


Another hand drawn scetch, scanned then vectorized. Unfortunately I couldnt find the scan, so I am publishing the final image only


This is scan of the original hand drawn scetch (marker on plain paper).
Below is the same graphic, vectorized and colored in AI. Hope you will like it.


"He had hands instead of ears ant two big horns on his head. His friends told him that he is a bit strange, and he wondered why. Maybe becouse his skin is sensitive and his face is always a bit blushed, he thought"

2002, markers on plain paper.



And another 2002 year drawing :)
left to right:

This little escimo vas never so cold as today.
Becouse there was no sun outside
The sky was red
Not blue

markers and coloured ink on plain paper

Cute girl

"Even though she was slim, followed fashion relentlessly, had charismatic appeal and smiled all the time, boys always avoided her."

Yet another scan from the archives. Unfortunattely a bad one, all details lost..
Thin marker on plain paper (as far as I can remember, gonna look for the original, and hopefully rescan and edit this post)

David and Goliaths head

Another 2002 drawing. Black and red permanent markers on plain wjite office paper.

The wandering boy

This sketch is drawn sometime in 2002. (markers on plain paper). I've been drawing all my life, but unfortunatelly I have poor electronic record of my work. Trying to collect and archive though... :)