Ilford XP2 400

Less then a year ago, I bought an Ilford XP2 400 ASA. For the less informed, it is a C41 process film, meant to be processed with chemicals and machines used for all the other standard commercial films. I thought it was a wise choice to buy such a film because I will not have any problems finding a lab to process it.
Of course, I was wrong.
The procedure turned out to be very long, since there are about three labs still processing film in Macedonia. And you can rarely find a lab which scanner "accepts" BW film. At the end, i managed to get the film processed.
Here are some of the photos, as scanned by the lab. Luckily, the prints turned out much, much better...


I used to travel by train a lot as a student (it was the cheapest form of transport).
Didn't like trains much back then. Simply because they were old, dirty, slow and too crowded.
I spent a lot of time in trains and train stations, so, when I heard that the "Business class" is active again ("Business class" meaning the train stops only on 4 instead of 30 or so stations) some strange feeling of nostalgia made me want to travel by train again.

So I did...

Here are some of the photos I made while waiting for the train at the Skopje Train Station.
The time took its toll from the train station in Skopje. Once a beautiful object, the station is worn out nowadays, dark and gloomy. It was pouring rain that day which added to the generally dark atmosphere.

A panoramic photograph of the people waiting for the train at the opposite track.