Notebook doodles

A collection of doodles from my work notebook. All of them done with no particular idea, at random times, while I was thinking about something else. Kinda scary.

Streets of Den Haag

Few days ago, when i got back from my trip to The Hague, I quickly browsed through the photos I made there.As I was planning a selection for the blog, lots of thoughts that i wanted to put on this post came over my mind. Few days later, as I decided just to post the photos.

The people and the streets...

Ilford XP2 400

Less then a year ago, I bought an Ilford XP2 400 ASA. For the less informed, it is a C41 process film, meant to be processed with chemicals and machines used for all the other standard commercial films. I thought it was a wise choice to buy such a film because I will not have any problems finding a lab to process it.
Of course, I was wrong.
The procedure turned out to be very long, since there are about three labs still processing film in Macedonia. And you can rarely find a lab which scanner "accepts" BW film. At the end, i managed to get the film processed.
Here are some of the photos, as scanned by the lab. Luckily, the prints turned out much, much better...


I used to travel by train a lot as a student (it was the cheapest form of transport).
Didn't like trains much back then. Simply because they were old, dirty, slow and too crowded.
I spent a lot of time in trains and train stations, so, when I heard that the "Business class" is active again ("Business class" meaning the train stops only on 4 instead of 30 or so stations) some strange feeling of nostalgia made me want to travel by train again.

So I did...

Here are some of the photos I made while waiting for the train at the Skopje Train Station.
The time took its toll from the train station in Skopje. Once a beautiful object, the station is worn out nowadays, dark and gloomy. It was pouring rain that day which added to the generally dark atmosphere.

A panoramic photograph of the people waiting for the train at the opposite track.

On the Streets of Istanbul

I've just returned from a trip to Istanbul.
Or Constantinople.
Or Byzantium.
You know, the where-east-meets-west story.
There will be some photos in this post but I must warn You: You will not see any of all the magnificent buildings this city has. (I shot only a few of them, just in case).
Instead, I shot almost 0.00002% of the 19 000 000 inhabitants this giant beehive.
Here are some of them.
You can see the rest of the pictures here.

Visual diary part 2

If you've seen my previous post then you know about the transfer from posterous... Some of this stuff was already posted here and here
Some were not. All of them are really old.

Visual Diary

Some time ago, i started posting some random stuff on a service called posterous. Not so long ago this great service announced that it will seize to exist. I was using it as my visual diary. That was my blog where I used to post sketches and drawings, or some random photos. And every image in it was taken with my mobile phone. Thats why I called it "my almost mobile blog". This is a post of things transferred from there.

Quick sketch No 1 a.k.a. Road Flyer