I used to travel by train a lot as a student (it was the cheapest form of transport).
Didn't like trains much back then. Simply because they were old, dirty, slow and too crowded.
I spent a lot of time in trains and train stations, so, when I heard that the "Business class" is active again ("Business class" meaning the train stops only on 4 instead of 30 or so stations) some strange feeling of nostalgia made me want to travel by train again.

So I did...

Here are some of the photos I made while waiting for the train at the Skopje Train Station.
The time took its toll from the train station in Skopje. Once a beautiful object, the station is worn out nowadays, dark and gloomy. It was pouring rain that day which added to the generally dark atmosphere.

A panoramic photograph of the people waiting for the train at the opposite track.

The people who were waiting for the other train, somehow received an info that theirs train will be late. They decided that it is the best to change the tracks simply by jumping over the rails.

Through the car doors. The train that is on the track is not the train we are all waiting for.

A young couple having a wedding photo shoot, using the train as a backdrop for their love story.

Everything was fine and quiet on the other tracks.

Large stairs connect the building with the platform.

The train driver on the opposite track was patiently waiting for his departure.

The train cars are old but refubrished. There is even a TV for entertainment. However, the documentary that was on did not entertain this passenger.
You can see the photos in larger format here